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Companies are now investing in large-scale projects that take several years to initiate and complete. These highly complex and large projects involve a lot of risks. The Agile framework has been incorporated not only to manage risk but also deliver value to customers and ensure the business goals are met.

The Scaled Agile Framework was particularly adopted for those large and complex development programs. Scaling the practices of Agility has allowed organizations to work with larger teams and still deliver value. SAFe is best for product/program managers, executives and teams who want to initiate the lean-agile journey in their enterprises. SAFe involves using the basic principles and methodologies of lean thinking and product development flow.

Leading a Scaled Agile Framework

For you to become an effective SAFe leader, you need to acquire the knowledge, skills and practice in lean-agile methods. Becoming a SAFe agile consultant Toronto equips you with the information and tools that are needed to effectively adapt this framework in your business context. You simply take the SAFe training course and then complete the exam to earn your certification. Training allows you to gain a deeper understanding of all the principles and practices of the SAFe framework support lean thinking. As a certified SAFe agilest, you will be well versed with lean thinking, portfolio management, Agile scaling and architecture leadership.

Who can benefit from the SAFe agilest course?

SAFe agile course is best suited for:

  • Executives and leaders
  • Directors, VPs and CIOs
  • Account managers, product managers
  • Program and project managers
  • Solution and systems architects
  • Service and delivery managers
  • Team leaders
  • Test managers and test engineers
  • Business and test analysts
  • Software and systems engineers
  • Programmers, developers, technical project managers and technical lead


As a trained SAFe agile consultant, you should be able to apply SAFe to any lean and agile development programs in your enterprise. The certification gives you the tools you need to coordinate large value streams and manage a complete lean-agile portfolio. This course allows you to align the business to execute a common process model.

By becoming a certified SAFe Agile consultant, you will be in a position to effectively configure the framework in your unique context. It’s important for all SAFe leaders to clearly understand the principles of this framework. Adequate practice in implementing SAFe will also put you in a better position to develop a successful program. Critical topics covered such as building an Agile portfolio and leading the lean-agile enterprise are what help to build the consultant’s skill in this framework. By the end of the course, you will embrace the lean-agile mindset and be ready to successfully roll it out in your business context.

Whether or not you have experience implementing the Agile framework, this course can be beneficial to you. A background in product or project management will place you in a better position to learn the principles of SAFe and implement them in your business context.