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When looking to become a certified Scrum Master, there are numerous programs that you can pursue. Employers usually favor certain programs over others. It is important to know why certain certifications are preferred in the industry more than others especially when you are interested in advancing your career as a Scrum Master. The best training for you will depend on the career path you want to set as well as the years of experience you have implementing Scrum.

Today, Scrum Master certifications have grown in popularity meaning that there are dozens of organizations and groups that claim to offer the best training online. There are certain guidelines that you need to consider when narrowing down an organization that offers Scrum Certification.

For how long has the organization existed?

Find out if the training institution has been around for a reasonable period of time. This will give you an idea of the kind of tutors they have and how well they have established their curriculum. Don’t be quick to apply to a school that is not reputable simply because they claim to offer free Scrum training.

Are the certifications offered recognized by employers?

Another key consideration is on the quality of certifications offered at the training school. Remember you still need to do the exams in order to be considered a certified Scrum Master. Taking the course is only a path to get certified and you need to have access to all the resources in order to pass the certification exams.

What resources are offered?

Most training schools will provide participants with adequate resources in order to help them acquire all the Scrum skills and knowledge and get certified fast. From books to access to online libraries and tutors who can act as mentors, an ideal training school should open doors for you in more ways than one. It could be worthwhile to go a step further and ask how many people have been successfully certified through their courses.


If you will be attending classes, it is important to find out if the courses and trainers are near you. This will help to avoid missing classes because it may have a negative impact on your performance. Sometimes settling for a training course that is nearby makes more economic sense since you’ll cut back on the cost of transport and avoid inconveniences.

What opportunities are there for participants?

Often times, organizations create numerous opportunities for learners to connect with others who are interested in Scrum. When you register for the advanced Scrum certification course, you may end up meeting people who will help you in professional development. It opens a circle of professionals who share similar interests and values.

When settling for any certification, consider whether it is recognized by employers as well as how well it will help you progress your career. Perform adequate research about the certification course and ask questions to help you better understand what to expect before enrolling. Advanced Scrum Masters are an asset in any organization that practices lean-agile methods.

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